MaxVapor Eagle Atomizer

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The Eagle Wax Atomizer is a new 510 threaded device designed for vaporizing concentrates. The atomizer body is made of Stainless Steel, and the airflow is adjustable by twisting a ring on the base.

The mouthpiece has an integrated splash guard to eliminate the need for additional coil caps and threads. Our Eagle Atomizer kit includes 2 coils to get you started with over 10 additional coil designs available.

As an added benefit, the MaxVapor Eagle Atomizer can also use all of your existing Saionara coils, allowing you to upgrade without neglecting your previous purchases.

510 Threaded
Ceramic Coil Chamber
Replaceable Coils
Lifetime Warranty
Includes Dual Titanium / Quartz Coil (TC Capable)
Includes Twisted SS316 / Quartz Coil
Optional “Coil-less” Ceramic Cup (TC Capable)
Optional “Hydrotube” Glass Bubbler
Over 12 coil options available (also uses Saionara coils)